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President’s Message from MIKE McNULTY, CPA-PCA President

April 2015

Hello, Central Pa members, guests and visitors,

As I am writing this month’s steering wheel we are just days away from our annual Swap Meet held every year in Hershey Pa. It looks like we will have another banner year with the pending weather forecast! More to come in next month’s edition. Hopefully you have seen the clubs 50th anniversary badge online. If you are interested please respond to the web site as we will be selling them on a first come first serve basis. They are beautiful and I even managed to attach one to the right front intake grill on our 98 Boxster. See the enclosed picture!

Currently we have 439 primary members and a total with associates of 722! I would like to see more of you at our events this year. We have a lot of fun activities planned again for this year and it would be great to meet more of you! Check the web site for our spring, summer and early fall events.

The club will be honored again at the end of April during the Thaddeus Stevens School’s annual Alumni Association banquet. With our charitable contributions we are to help students achieve their goals and graduate with tools provided by CPA-PCA along with helping them with their tuition. A special thanks to our charity committee for finding and vetting deserving organizations in our region. They utilize those funds to benefit broad activities within CPA-PCA’s geography.

This past April 19th CPA-PCA hosted the bi-annual Zone 2 meeting in conjunction with our annual swap and the clubs 50th anniversary. More details to follow in the June Sprecher.

I receive many many emails from around the country and world from people that come from near and far. They congratulate us on the excellent Swap we put on every year to celebrate these amazing cars.

I would like to thank our Swap Chairman, Steve Baun, and the multitudes of volunteers again for this year’s Swap Meet in Hershey. I didn’t want to wait another month to reach out and thank everyone for your efforts again this and every year. I receive many many emails from around the country and world from people that come from near and far. They congratulate us on the excellent Swap we put on every year to celebrate these amazing cars. More importantly it’s about the great people behind the cars that matters MOST! CPA-CPA does wonderful things in our region that we can all be proud of.

The NYC bus trip was a great success. The turnout was a bit down this year but everyone that I heard from enjoyed the journey up and back and they were treated to some fantastic cars in NYC. Thanks again Bob Gosling for coordinating this annual event for our members.

The AX calendar has been updated with our annual “Mothers Day” event on May 10th. So all of you MOM’s come out and experience the fun of an AX, then go home and be pampered by your family. It’s also a great family event with some friendly competition thrown in for good measure. We are still working with HERCO to secure more slots on the Giant Center lot. Again check the website as more dates become available. Thank you to John C, Barry F, Jon T and others for helping us pull off our inaugural AX. After some hiccups it went very well and everyone got in 6 runs!

Check the Sprecher for the seasons DE events. They sell out quickly but are great way to experience the thrill of driving your car safely with a knowledgeable instructor! Now that our car has been made ready for a track day I look forward to sharing that experience with you in a later months Steering Wheel.

Several of the clubs members went to the SOLD OUT Tech Tactics event again this past month. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend please check with a few of our members that were able to go and they will be sure to tell you about the very cool things they were able to see up close and personally at the Porsche Regional Hub in Easton, PA.

Check the online Sprecher for upcoming events. Check out the Carlisle Car show that Tim March is coordinating. CPA-PCA and PCA national will have a presence at this year’s event. Also Cars and Chocolate in Hershey at the Cocoa Beanery is back meeting again after the winter hiatus.

The club meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Lancaster Liederkranz. Good food great beer great company. Don’t miss an opportunity to see how the club runs. We have an Exec board and directors members meeting each month with the general membership invited.

Think about attending a monthly meeting and think about some activities you’d like to see in 2015. We have some nice events coming up.

I’m reminded again every year when I walk outside and marvel at the rebirth of spring just how fortunate we are all are that we can enjoy the simplistic beauty that surrounds us every day.

Be safe, be well.

Michael “M2”