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President’s Message from STEVE LIMBERT, CPA-PCA President

September 2017

Our last Board and general membership meeting at The Roadhouse Cafe really went very well and the turnout was an all time high, with the exception of the night we had Vic Elford as our guest speaker. And speaking of Vic, I have stayed in touch with him and his wife Anita. We have shared an adult beverage when we attend the same vintage event. They are residents of south Florida so I contacted him after seeing his Facebook post awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Power was out for a time but now all is well with the Elfords.

The Roadhouse accommodations, menu and service were top notch. Fellow members liked the wide selections that their cafe offered and all were served in a timely fashion. This location brought out several new members from the Carlisle area. Moving meeting locations has not impacted in a negative head count. In November we will need to decide if we should continue evaluate new sites or select a permanent location.

Eric, our VP and I will be attending the Zone 2 meeting in early October to review not only PCA National updates but go over the status of regions in our Zone. If anyone has questions or concerns now is the time to let us know so we can get things resolved at that meeting if possible.

It’s not to early to sign up for our Fall Autocross set for Sunday October 22nd, Giant Center, Hershey. John Caceres our Chair is still looking for additional locations. At the last meeting combining forces with the Corvette Club was discussed and most all were in agreement that it would be a great idea.

I purchased Alan Pozner’s 914 Autocross car about a month ago and we are in the process of adding a fuel cell and SS lines and fittings. This is all to get it to road racing standards. If, and it’s a big if, we have it running we may try to bring it to the Autocross.

Alan is still on the mend and does miss all his CPA-PCA buddies. If you get a chance to call him or better yet stop by and say hello. I have his contact information, just give me a call.

Last weekend we played vintage racer boy at Watkins Glen and as always it was a blast. We took both #18 (my race car) & #19 (first 914-6GT) for the run down town and the reenactment on the old course. The town was full of spectators (20K plus) and on the run out of town there were lots of folks cheering, way cool.

Let’s see if we can’t top last month’s attendance on the 3rd of October at the Roadhouse! Regards to all, and yeah, TRAVEL SAFE