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President’s Message from MIKE McNULTY, CPA-PCA President

May 2015

Hello, Central Pa members, guests and visitors,

We had our monthly meeting on Tuesday May 5th and I was very happy to see several new members in attendance and a few returning members at the tables. The best part was that we had several engaging conversations and some great new ideas on how to make the club better and how to best serve our entire membership. I would like to thank those in attendance and hope we can see similar levels or participation in the upcoming months.

Currently we have 445 primary members and a total with associates of 773! The reason I keep stating these figures is that we are GROWING! With that being said the executive board and our directors want to make sure that the club is being run and is servicing our membership in the ways they want it to be run. To do that we need to see the same kind of participation we had on May 5th. We had 2 members volunteer too be on 2 of our committees which will only help to bring a new perspective and allow us all to hear new ideas on how to improve what we are already doing.

My “passion” spilled out during our May meeting because I CARE deeply about the members and hearing there opinions. Without YOUR participation and suggestions we cannot grow as club. I was very pleased to see and to be asked many important questions about what we do and how we do it at the May meeting and I look forward to doing that again and again during the remainder of 2015.

Currently we have 445 primary members and a total with associates of 773! The reason I keep stating these figures is that we are GROWING!

It was my honor and privilege to represent the club at the Thaddeus Stevens School’s annual Alumni Association banquet. We were recognized as a corporate partner sponsor for the first time in 2015. The Thaddeus Stevens School's charter is aligned with our charity committee’s directive. Locate and vett local organizations that can assist and benefit people within the CPA-PCA’s region. Their commitment to being able to provide a 1st class 2 year technical degree at an affordable price to a deserving student is the type of entity we want to be partnered with. (see the award photo in this month's Sprecher)

This past April 19th CPA-PCA hosted the bi-annual Zone 2 meeting in conjunction with our annual swap and the club’s 50th anniversary. At the Zone 2 meeting we had many wonderful suggestions from the other zone presidents about ways we can all improve our own regions thus making Zone 2 one of the best led and represented zones in PCA! Thank you to Cheryl Taylor for her leadership and guidance during this past year! We are lucky to have her as our “voice’ to PCA national.

To say our 2015 Swap was a huge success would be an understatement! Again thank you to all of this year’s volunteers and a special THANK YOU to Steve Baun for coordinating another record-breaking event again this year. With the continued success of the swap we are able to support our members and continue to donate to our chosen charities.

I hope everyone has an opportunity to attend the Carlisle Import and Kit show in May. Thanks to Tim March we were able to be co-sponsored with PCA national at the event. More to come in the next Sprecher.

We will have had our last spring AX on May 10th, Mothers Day. Thank you to all of the volunteers for their dedication and effort again this spring. We hope to have our AX Chairman Alan P back behind the wheel SOON! We are still working with HERCO to secure more slots on the Giant Center lot. Again check the website as more dates become available.

Check the Sprecher for the seasons DE events. Steve Baun is always happy to speak with our members that are interested in exactly what’s involved in a DE event. There are limited dates for the rest of the year so check the schedule if you are interested.

Also Cars and Chocolate in Hershey at the Cocoa Beanery is back meeting again after the winter hiatus.

Check for the continued Cars and Coffee meets and drives in the Sprecher.

The club meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Lancaster Liederkranz. Good food, great beer, great company. Don't miss an opportunity to see how the club runs. We have an Exec board and directors members meeting each month with the general membership invited.

We have our upcoming Crab feast in August and the Polo Cup in September. Keep those dates in mind as you look thru the upcoming Sprechers. Thank you Don Hollway for keeping both the paper and electronic versions looking GREAT!

Be safe, be well.

Michael “M2”