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President’s Message from STEVE LIMBERT, CPA-PCA President

April 2017

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this month’s column! One of our senior members, Heinz Werner Bade, has passed away. For those not familiar with him, he joined our region several years back, and if my memory serves me correctly his member number at the time was 356. That was most significant to him because he was truly a 356 guru!

One of our senior members, Heinz Werner Bade, has passed away.

For most of his 90-some years he was the go-to guy for anyone owning and needing work on a 4-cam Carrera engine. He was “the mechanic and engine builder” for Bruce Jennings, who was known back in the day as King Carrera. Heinz Werner Bade made that possible. Details about a service for him and the celebration of his life are still being planned and once that becomes available I will get the word out.

Heinz Werner, travel safe my dear friend, you will be missed!

This years trek to New York Auto Show is now history, and while we didn’t fill the bus, all of us had a great time at the show. Several folks ventured away from the Javits Center to get a taste of the “big city” which is alway a strange experience to say the least. Truly the melting pot of humanity.

Over in the Times Square area some of us observed a demonstration against our newly elected President Trump, which again points out that the first amendment of our Constitution is very much alive and well. Unfortunately the language used in chants and signs displayed were not for consumption of children (very X-rated).

I for one have been doing my annual please don’t “rain dance” for our upcoming Porsche only Swap. This event has been a great success in the past and truly helps the region with our charity programs. Our volunteers do such a great job pulling this off, hats off to them in advance.

The passing of Herr Bade has saddened me and therefore this volume most likely is not up to par. As time will pass and I fully come to grips with this loss, I shall rebound!

As always, TRAVEL SAFE