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President’s Message from STEVE LIMBERT, CPA-PCA President

June 2017

I, along with Dick Gordon and Al Peinhardt, attended a celebration of the life of Heinz Werner Bade down in Owings Mills on Friday the 16th of June.

We all should now be taking advantage of the warmer weather by getting our cars out and exercising them with vigor. Lots of great back roads and fun events in our area to enjoy and don’t forget our next meeting at Loxley’s will be on the 11th of July since the first Tuesday is the 4th.

After doing major rust repair work on many Porsches intended for racing, we have recently gotten into full restorations, no I’m not looking for business and this is truly not an ad for any additional work. Point is that some folks are “over restoring” and that just ain’t right! Early cars might of had a slight sign of orange peel and the race cars had just one coat of paint but for sure not 10 coats of paint plus clear?

At Daytona during the Rennsport Reunions I got to see cars from the museum not only up close but heard them at “full song” on the track. When they returned to the paddock area you could smell brakes, oil and other scents that only a race car can have. On a trip to the Porsche museum shortly after my experience at Daytona I saw several of the same cars, they were now “sleeping.” Truly not the same.

If you get the chance to see a real Porsche 917 on track and hear it’s crisp humm you will not soon forget it. Those cars were built for only one purpose and one purpose only and that was to win races. As we now see many of the wealthy owners of those rare beasts have now taken to over restoring them, shame on them. An example of an original 917 can be found at the Colliers Museum in Naples Fl. it is as it came off the track after winner the 1000K race in 1971 in Argentina. Thank you Miles Collier for not touching this rare example.

Our member Heinz Werner Bade passed away on April 16th from complications after a massive stroke, he was 88 years young. For those of us that knew him he will be missed. Heinz Werner was an incredible Porsche mechanic and one of the last 4 cam experts.

I along with Dick Gordon and Al Peinhardt attended a celebration of his life down in Owings Mills on Friday the 16th of June. One could literally write many pages that would fill a book listing his accomplishments with regard to his mechanical expertise working on Porsche cars.

Fellow members may recall when he joined Central Pa region he brought our membership to the 356 level. Since then he was always working on the 356 model that was special to him. My fondest memory will always be that for the last 9 or 10 years he called on my birthday not only to wish me well but to sing “happy birthday” to me. Travel Safe my friend!

Looking forward to seeing more new faces at our upcoming meetings, till then

As always, TRAVEL SAFE