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President’s Message from STEVE LIMBERT, CPA-PCA President

January 2016

Our Holiday Party is now in the books and again we need to thank all who help make it a great success. If I listed all those individuals I would run out of my allotted column space. For sure you all know the players and again a job well done.This year we tried something a little different by having Frank and his dancers give us a little history of dancing. They did a super job of getting folks on the dance floor and having fun!

Our February meeting will feature as our guest John Sabel, who was originally from California and a true Hot Rodder back in the day.

For our February meeting will feature as our guest John Sabel, who was originally from California and a true Hot Rodder back in the day. He got involved building approximately 35 Sport Racers, most were equipped with VW engines, but there were 2 with 6 cylinder Corvair engines and 3 had 356 Porsche power plants. Porsche Sabels are rare, one has recently run the Assent on the Hershey Hillclimb weekend. John’s fiberglass bodies were ahead of their time looking like the Mako Shark design of the experimental Corvette era.

Please come out to met John, I’m sure you will enjoy his stories and wit surrounding those early days. And for the record he is still working on a Sabel body plus a Model A Ford in his spare time.

So far we have been extremely lucky with regard to the mild winter we are having. That said, prior to our next meeting I hope my comment is not the harbinger of nasty storms with the real taste of snow. I mention the weather because now is the time to be thinking about things that need to be ordered for our Porsche cars.

Club members doing DE & Autocross should be making a lists of what needs to be done or gotten, so that you are not in a last-minute panic. As a shop owner it does drive me a little crazy when someone calls about parts (plugs, air cleaners, brake pads etc.) a day or two before they are needed. Yeah, we and others can get overnighted but that will drive up the costs. Things like brake fluid changes & brake bleeding, alignments, oil & filter changes, valve adjustments require shop or dealer appointments well in advance of your outing. Now is the time to start planning your car’s special projects.

For the serious competitors among us we need to check the dates on our helmets. The 2005 Snell stickers helmets are now no longer legal for road racing and need to be replaced. Those helmets with 2010 stickers are still good. The new helmets that are being purchased will have a 2015 Snell sticker inside. Also a second balaclava is always something to consider, since it helps keep that nasty sweat from your helmet’s interior.

Now is also the time to be checking those seat belts for dating, they also have expiration dates.

The food at our meeting is courtesy of your club and of late the Liederkranz has been doing a stellar job! So please come out to learn of the workings of your club and meet the many dedicated individuals who make it happen. Remember it’s your club get involved!

Our meetings will be on point but we will always be looking for member input.

I promise a friendly and fun evening, with perhaps some Porsche trivia!