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President’s Message from STEVE LIMBERT, CPA-PCA President

February 2016

As most everyone knows we have been meeting at the Leiderkranz for the past 15 years or so and have enjoyed a great rapport with their management until very recently. Without digging into the history of how we have been treated, your Board of Directors and members present at the February meeting have decided to try several new locations for our monthly meetings.

For our March meeting we will be going to Mick’s All American Pub, located at 2201 Strickler Rd. in Manheim 17552

First, thanks to all who looked into new venues, three or four good possibilities were discussed. For our March meeting we will be going to Mick’s All American Pub, located at 2201 Strickler Rd. in Manheim 17552. They are in the same plaza as Hampton Inn and Fudruckers, next to McDonalds about 12 mile or so from the Leiderkranz. Thanks to Rick Geiner for scouting the site and setting up our March meeting.

Other locations discussed were a couple places in the general area where we now meet but also Gilligan's and The Road House. They are located on Eisenhower Blvd off Route 283 up closer to Harrisburg. Several folks believe that one of those locations might be more centrally located to attract member from not only Lancaster but also York and Cumberland Counties.

For the last many years we were able to tap into the general buffet offered at the Leiderkranz and of late their home cooked spread. There has not been a charge to our members for this meal but separate billing for beverages. A room charge has been applied each meeting and along with the food our cost has been about $450/475 per meeting or approximately $5500 a year.

This has been a huge benefit to those members coming to the monthly meetings. Most all other car clubs and various other groups in the area do not pick up members meals. So my question to the general membership should we continue with this “benny” or have members pay for their own meal and have the club pay for the room when necessary? At our next meeting we can get into that arena, so please join us for further discussions on this matter.

With 60 degrees yesterday and snow this morning I’m still sure spring is just around the corner. That was all confirmed after going to this year Rolex 24 at the newly improved Daytona International Speedway. The sounds and sights of cars running to their max for 24 hours is truly a tribute to the drivers and equipment. No more pacing and then a sprint to the finish as in days of old.

My drive to Florida wasn’t all bad with the exception of those “left lane losers” who still don't understand that the left lane is for passing! Just can’t fix stupid!!

Please join us on March 7th at Mick’s, just think “Daylight savings time” will be less than a week away on that day. It’s still OK to be optimistic!

As always, TRAVEL SAFE