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President’s Message from STEVE LIMBERT, CPA-PCA President

March 2017

Our March meeting at Mick's was very well attended by our regulars and we added some new folks plus some old attendees, great to see all. Our departure from the Liederkranz does not seemed to have hurt the turnout. And by all input so far most all comments have been positive. As a reminder the April and May meetings are also scheduled for Mick's.

If anyone has questions that need to be addressed at PCA National or Zone 2 in general please contact VP Eric or myself and we will try to find answers.

Going forward we are still investigating future sites, not only in the same general area but also possibly gathering spots more central to all counties that encompass CPA-PCA.

The sign up for our bus trip to NY and the auto show are still on the weak side. As a reminder for $55.00 you not only get to ride a couple of hours with like minded folks but get admission to the NY Auto Show. That “ain't a bad deal”. Like last year, if we do not fill the bus we will open it up to other clubs.

Our Vice-Pres Eric Brubaker and I will be going to the Zone 2 meeting in Columbia Md. that will be held next to PCA national headquarters. On Friday, the 31st of March we will be having a brief get together at that site to meet staff and peruse the facility. Since I have yet to visit it I'm sure that will prove interesting. If anyone has questions that need to be addressed at National or Zone 2 in general please contact Eric or myself and we will try to find answers. The all day meeting is on the 1st of April a day not to be fooling around! I’ll give a report at our next meeting.

Hard to imagine but “tempus fugit” when you’re having fun. April has our biggest event, “The Swap,” and Steve Baun reported that things are really looking good at this point, and I’m sure all of us are doing the PLEASE don’t rain dance for the 22nd of April !

At Aircooled Racing we have been busy finishing up the metal work on the restoration of a numbers matching 1967 911S. It looked OK when it arrived in October but after media blasting it became another story. Approximately $5000.00 of new metal has been put into bringing it back. We shipped it to the body shop for final prep work prior to painting. Its incredible but these cars when fully restored are bringing in the mid $250K range. “If” we only knew!

The “Handly 914” is being readied for its first race with me late in April down at Summit Point. The SCCA has waived my competition license requirements for 2017 and low and behold I passed their Physical! They took into consideration that for the last 10 years I have run about 40 races with vintage groups, plus making it to the Runoffs for many years prior to leaving their events.

Looking forward to seeing members on the bus trip and of course “The Swap.”

As always, TRAVEL SAFE