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President’s Message from MIKE McNULTY, CPA-PCA President

April 2014

Welcome Central Pa members, guests and visitors. It looks like we have finally turned the corner and nicer weather is upon us! Thank goodness!

I hope you all have had the opportunity over the past few weeks when the conditions have been nice to get your cars out and enjoy them. Or get them ready for the nice times ahead.

At the time of this editorial we have not yet had our annual Swap Meet, April 19th. I have received a lot of emails from our members and folks traveling from far away looking forward to this great collection of car stuff and Porsche enthusiasts. Thanks again to our wonderful volunteers! I hope everyone has the opportunity to visit the students with the Thaddeus Stevens College during the Swap. We have a great partnership developing with the school and look for more cool details in the upcoming months.

Tim March is working on some nice spring events. He had a great drive 04.12.14 with the Car & Coffee guys. His next event in May will be to the Jefferson 500. Please look in this month’s Sprecher for the details. Both events will be a great time and a nice opportunity to meet some new folks and drive your cars on some fun and twisty roads.

The NYC bus trip is on the 26th of April. I look forward to reporting on the trip when I get to talk to some of the members that made the journey to NYC. Al Peinhardt always has a fun filled day set up so I know those that attended were in for a relaxing day to see the hottest cars for 2014 and beyond.

If you able and interested this year‚ Parade registration in Calif. is now open. Slots fill up quickly so sign up now if you are planning on attending.

If you able and interested this year‚ Parade registration in Calif. is now open. Slots fill up quickly so sign up now if you are planning on attending.

Sign-ups for the Ladies Tech Session at Sun Motors Sat May 17th are ongoing. You can sign up with Tech Chairman Tony Miller or by contacting Sun Motors directly.

Our “new” Autocross trailer will be ready for our next AX event. Al Peinhardt was traveling at the time of this edition to secure it for the club. Once we have it in our possession the AX team with fine tune it for our needs and then we will move the old tired swap trailers items into the old AX trailer and we will be set for many years to come with secure and updated trailers for the swap and AX.

Alan Pozner hosted our beginner and intermediate AX school on April 6th. I was not able to help or drive but I was able to stop in and see the event. There were quite a few cars and a lot of new faces in attendance. Speaking from my personal experience with AX it is a great way to enhance your driving skills and have a great time all rolled into one day of fun! I was a bit nervous my first few times thru the cones but after you get the hang of it and ask for some help and guidance from our team of instructors you will have a HUGE smile on your face and become hooked like I have. Our next AX event is right after the swap and then again on May 4th. Stop by and check it out!

Remember the club meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Lancaster Liederkranz. Good food great beer. Don’t miss an opportunity to see how the club runs. Come on out to meet some new friends and connect with some old ones.

Thank you for reading my last Steering Wheel about being “connected”and getting involved with the club and its great activities. I am encouraged by the responses I have heard and the attendance at our monthly meetings. So come on out meet some of your fellow members get involved join a committee, volunteer it‚ a great way to enjoy your car beyond just being behind the wheel!

The Easter and Passover holidays are upon us now I hope everyone had the opportunity to spend some wonderful family and friend‚ time with those that we cherish and love.

Be safe, be well.

Michael “M2”