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President’s Message from MIKE McNULTY, CPA-PCA President

September 2014

Fall has officially begun. Cooler days and evenings, the hint of color in the trees, ahhh my favorite time of year, but like all things it signals a time of change. With that we need to look forward to a New Year and new officers and directors for 2015. It will be a huge milestone for the club. The central Pa club was 'chartered' with PCA National on September 15th, 1965. It will be our 50th anniversary as an active Porsche club. There are only a few that have been in existence longer than CPA. The earliest is Potomac and they were chartered in 1955. Quite an accomplishment for our membership and our past officers and directors! The club is and has been in good hands over the years and it shows with our dedication to the PCA of Americas objectives and guidelines.

Dale Miller has been coordinating our 2014/2015 Holiday party. Remember it will be our 50th anniversary year and it will be a great time! Special party mementos will be part of the celebration this year. More to come!

Our recent calendar of events is still very active for the fall. We just concluded our 2014 Porsche Polo cup. It was again hosted by the Lancaster Polo Club and was coordinated by Paul and Candy Rouse. A marvelous day, good company, beautiful horses and a nice assortment of Porsches! Thank you Paul and Candy for another great event. If you haven't attended please keep this in mind for next year as it's a great day and fun for the whole family!

Check out the calendar and web site for our upcoming fall activities. We have 2 more Ax's this year one in Sept and one to close the year out in October. Check the Specher for the reconfirmed dates and register online at Motorsports.reg. Thank you Alan Pozner for another fun filled tire squealing year at the Giant Center parking lot. Alan has expressed that after 2015 he would like to step aside and 'coach' our volunteer staff for the next season. We will be looking for an Ax chairperson after 2015. If you are interested please contact Alan or myself for details.

Cars and Coffee has more fun drives and trips in and around central Pa. Check in the newsletter and website for the dates and places. Tim March and Rick Geiner can be contacted to see what's on the agenda each month. There are upcoming events in the newsletter for fall drive and techs sessions. They are always well attended and with the 'colder' months ahead they afford you the opportunity to get your cars out few a few more fun drives before we put them to 'bed' for the winter. Keep an eye out for another Ladies Tech session. We are trying to formulate a plan for the ladies where they can learn about the cars and have a fun ladies day out as well.

DE is winding down for the year but I have read about some amazing events that were well attended by our region this year. Thanks again to Steve Baun for leading our 'track junkies' to these events and for submitting the great write ups for the Sprecher!

I would like to recognize our charity committee in this month's newsletter and extend a big THANK YOU to the members on the committee. Don, Eric, Paul H., Margery, Paul R., Steve B, Bill, Steve L. The club thanks you I thank you and the wonderful charities that were nominated this year to receive monies thank you for your time and dedication. We are blessed as a club to be able to give back to the community and I am proud to be part of an organization that gives back those that need assistance. If you have a recommendation for a charity for the upcoming year please contact Don Moore.

Dale Miller has been coordinating our 2014/2015 Holiday party and we are one step closer to being able to announce where it will be. Remember it will be our 50th anniversary year and it will be a great time! Special party mementos will be part of the celebration this year. More to come!

The club meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Lancaster Liederkranz. Good food great beer great company. Don't miss an opportunity to see how the club runs. We have an Exec board and directors members meeting each month with the general membership invited.

Here's the mushy part. Again recently and all too often we see every day the horrible things that go on in the world around us. Understand the USA is not perfect by any means. Recent events here at home sadly depict our shortcomings as a nation. We should all look in the mirror and ask 'what can I do today to help or make things even a little bit better' for someone else today. With that mindset we become stronger and set a great example to those that view us either as individuals or as a whole nation of people.

Get you toasty clothes out fall and old man winter are right around the corner!

Be safe, be well.

Michael “M2”