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President’s Message from STEVE LIMBERT, CPA-PCA President

May 2017

There are several upcoming events of interest to CPA-PCA members.

Once again time races by, never enough time to get it all done! Next weekend May 20 & 21 we will be running down at Summit Point in the Jefferson 500. For Porsche folks they usually have about 25 to 30 earlier cars competing in various races throughout the weekend with an all Porsche race included. One of the cars we built, a 356B coupe will be going to its first outing.

The grand marshal for the event will be Brian Redman, who is always a treat to hear at the Saturday banquet. Again I'll check with him to see if he will be in our area any time around one of our meetings. Some of you may recall we were able to get Vic Elford to stay an extra day after he was grand marshal so he could address our meeting.

With the driving season upon us there are several events that might be of interest to my fellow members. The Elegance at Hotel Hershey is now one of the premier car shows in the country. This will be held at the hotel on Sunday June 11th. The incredible 901 Porsche of our own Don Malusio will be on hand for judging as well as a rare 906 with race history. This year there is scheduled 3 Duesenbergs along with other priceless antiques.

The Friday and Saturday prior to the show the Assent (vintage Hill Climb) will be held featuring some very unique vehicles. Last year an unrestored Studebaker with leather fenders put on quite a show. A 1912 Mercedes Benz runabout has made many runs up the hill and is on the list for this year as well. A handful of Porsches usually shows.

On Friday July 7th the Eastern Motorsports museum will have old time sprint cars running on their dirt track with many other race cars of yesteryear in the show. The Eastern Motorsports museum is located a few miles south of Dillsburg just off Rt. 15.

Schenley Park, the race for vintage cars, held on the streets of Pittsburgh is the weekend of July 15 and 16th. For sure 10 or so Porsches compete for the glory of just get out there and having fun. They also have a large car show with all proceeds go to the Juvenile Diabetes fund for Allegheny County. This event is free to the public.

Watkins Glen will host their BIG vintage event on September the 7th through 10th. The SVRA puts on an incredible show and yes, you guessed it, “lots of Porsches”.

Still waiting to hear about any plans to celebrate the life of our member Heinz Werner Bade. There are rumblings that the Chesapeake region of PCA may be planning a tribute. I should know more very soon.

So now’s the time to enjoy your rides! Hope to see you all at our next new meeting site!

As always, TRAVEL SAFE